220 foot rotating tower. 4 M2 7 Element 10 meter mono band beams, 4 M2 6 Element 15 meter band beams, 45 foot booms.
Driven element 20 meter beam. Plate is 3/8 22" long. Element is 1 1/4.132 wall solid fiberglass rod in center. Delrin insulation for element clamps. Boom clamps 5.5" long , 5/8" thick. Beta match clamps on driven element for hairpin and balum. 20 meter mono band yagis designed by Professor David Leeson, W6QHS.
Driven element 20 meter beam made by GI0AIJ. This design was changed before the antennas were used. The aluminum tubes fitted inside the clamps were removed and delrin spools were used in each clamp to cut down the capacitance and fiberglass rod was used between the elements. Element to plate clamps are 1/2" thick. Element plate is 24" long & 8/8" thick. Plate to boom claps are 5/8" thick.
Top aluminum box is 22" x 25" x 14". Bottom box is 27" x 25" x 14" large size prop pitch motor. Red colored piece on the drive shaft is a morse slipping clutch recommended by WX8T.


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